Medjoul Dates
For those who like their dates to be a royal affair...

Why Medjouls

Historically, dates are known to be one of the finest dry fruits available to mankind. Whether you prefer to start your day by garnishing your bowl of oats or wheat flakes with a handful of dates, or enjoy them as a mid-day snack, we recommend you add fresh Medjool dates to your jar of dry fruits. Unlike other dry fruits, the delectable dry medjool dates are low in calories, rich in fiber and do not have the usual salt coatings. Medjool truly epitomizes the best quality dates.

About Medjouls

Medjouls, also referred to as Medjools, despite being dried dates, are easily the most succulent dates one can ever hope to bite into. A native of Morocco that travelled as far as California in North America before going on to discover its modern home in Asia, the Medjool dates occupies a position of pride across global premium health food markets.

Its sheer size, and the intensity of its sweetness, reminiscent of the smoothness of caramel and the richness of honey, has ensured that the Medjoul has indubitably cemented its crown as the ‘King of Dates’. An important part of the Medjoul mystique also lies in the complexity of its cultivation.

Medjool will soon set foot into the Indian market. Once this happens, Medjool dates India will be synonymous with the best dates in India.

Medjoul Recipes

Medjoul & Cinnamon Shake

2-3 Medjool Dates
1 Tablespoon of Protein Powder
2 Cups of Skimmed Milk
1 Teaspoon of Honey
Pinchful of Cinnamon Powder

Chop the Medjouls into mid-sized chunks and add them into the blender. Next, add the Protein and Cinnamon Powders. Slowly, pour the Skimmed Milk. Now, blend until it forms a smooth shake. Pour out the liquid into a tumbler. Add a spoonful of Honey and blend well before drinking up a glass of goodness.