About Medjouls

Medjoul dates are an outcome of hard work, perseverance and careful observation. Our estate workers climb trees as tall as 50 feet, hand pollinating each tree to ensure optimum yield. To ensure each Medjoul that makes it to the market is bursting with maximum flavor and nutrition, only a handful of these exotic dry dates are allowed to grow until ripe. The rest are plucked out and eliminated at the initial stage itself, thus allowing sufficient air circulation and sunlight for the carefully chosen Medjouls.

Over the next six months, the fruits ripen to grow into tender, juicy and plump delicacies - quintessentially Medjoul – delicious and healthy palm dates savoured around the world.

Connoisseurs of dates are well aware of dates nutrition facts – and they’d vouch that each Medjoul symbolizes health, nutrition, and unmatched taste.