(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are Medjoul dates expensive as compared to other high quality dates?

Medjoul dates are the very essence of an exquisite, one-of-its-kind experience. Each stage in their cultivation process involves manual efforts by our estate workers. This is done to ensure we deliver uncompromising flavour and an exotic luxury experience each time you bite into a Medjoul. The time and expertise lent to the entire process makes them a luxury that is both, premium and expensive.

Is Medjoul a brand or does it denote Geographical Indication?

No. Medjoul is a variety of date with specific characteristics. It is grown in more than one part of the world today and is finding increasing popularity in the homes of luxury connoisseurs across the globe.

With multiple brands promising authentic Medjouls, is there a way to identify the validity of their claim?

Yes. Each time you consider purchasing Medjouls, look out for the King Of Dates quality assurance seal. It is a testimony to the authentic Medjoul experience that is yours to savour.

How do Medjouls compare to other variety of popular dates?

While date fruits such as Khadrawy, Deglet Noor, Barhi and more are some of the popular varieties, what makes Medjoul truly stand apart is its rich flavour, bursting with a honey-like goodness that can be relished even after the fruit has been devoured. Add to that its health benefits and you have what the world celebrates as the King Of Dates.

How do Medjouls fare as a gifting option, especially against chocolates?

The King Of Dates make for an excellent gifting option when compared to other dry fruits, dates as well as the most premium chocolates. Unlike most chocolates that contain around 30% fat, Medjouls contain a negligible amount of fat – 0.5% to be precise. This ensures that each time you gift your loved ones a pack of Medjouls, you gift them guilt-free indulgence.

Can I replace energy bars with a portion of Medjouls?

An unprocessed whole fruit that’s rich in fiber, minerals and antioxidants, the Medjoul makes for an excellent alternative to processed energy bars available in the market today. In fact most processed energy bars are also high on added sugars and fat content unlike the King Of Dates, which is free of any added sugars or preservatives. The low-fat content also makes Medjoul a great option for athletes and sportsmen; it does not burden the digestive system unlike several protein-rich energy foods.

Are there specific guidelines on storing Medjouls to ensure quality preservation?

To best retain the original King Of Dates goodness, Medjouls should be kept in airtight containers and refrigerated.