A Healthy Indulgence

Health has never tasted sweeter than a Medjoul.

The numerous health benefits of dates are known to all. The most delicious energy-boosters you can treat yourself to, Medjouls contain high levels of natural sugars along with potassium. Bite into these soft, delectable dates and jumpstart your mornings, or soak in generous doses of energy as you work late hours. And the best part? You can rely upon a Medjoul to provide you double the energy of a banana, at that with only 66 calories! Medjouls truly exemplify the benefits of dry dates.

Medjoul dates health benefits are aplenty. Loaded with 16 essential vitamins, multiple minerals and antioxidants such as polyphenols, they help in the development of healthier bones, reduce the risk of heart-related illnesses and keep blood pressure levels in check. Their sodium to potassium ratio of 500:1 makes them no less than a super food for those at risk of hypertension. In fact, according to a recent research conducted by Professor Aviram and Dr. Borochov-Neo, Medjouls can also contribute to speeding up the removal of excess cholesterol in arterial walls.

And that is not where Medjoul dry dates benefits end. What makes Medjouls immensely popular as a wholesome snack is their high fiber content. It is estimated that a single Medjoul date can meet up to 12% of your daily fiber requirement, greatly aiding the digestive system and helping prevent constipation and colon cancer. Further, their Glycemic Index ensures medium to low rate of absorption of carbohydrates in the blood stream, creating a feeling of satiety that lasts for hours and curbs sweet cravings. A highly recommended treat for your family, add them to your fruit tray or use them as an ingredient in your favourite dishes.

Go ahead - indulge your loved ones the sweet way!