Partner With Us

If you are a business catering to the premium food requirements of the well-travelled, luxury-seeking Indian, we recommend you consider partnering with our exporters.

As Indian consumers witness an increase in disposable incomes, the demand for products that are synonymous with a premium lifestyle has been rising steadily. In fact, as per a 2014 study conducted by Netscribes, an Indian research firm, the market for Medjouls grew by a CAGR of 21% by 2011-12 as compared to 2009-10.

Already, more than 25% of date fruit importers in India are making Medjouls a part of their offerings. Fast becoming a preference over other varieties of dates and dry fruits among Indian consumers who seek the very best, an assurance of authenticity and premium quality are set to be the key drivers for burgeoning product consumption curve.

The King of Dates quality assurance seal, a testimony to the emphasis our exporters give on uncompromising taste & immaculate luxury in each Medjoul. It allows you, our distribution chain partners to offer an unparalleled exotic experience in the luxury & gourmet foods market segment.

From fitness enthusiasts to gourmet connoisseurs, from hospitality professionals to health gurus, more and more Indians are relishing the royal Medjoul experience.

We welcome you to be a part of their royal journey, in the process, taking your business to magnificent new levels.